Daniel Bryan To Retire Tonight

Don Feria/Associated Press
After being out for almost a year, WWE superstar Daniel Bryan is hanging it up from wrestling. Bryan announced today on Twitter that he is planning to retire. He is going to be at Monday Night Raw tonight to officially announce his retirement from pro wrestling in front of his home state.

One of the most popular superstars in WWE history, Bryan has won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship twice, World Heavyweight Championship once, United States Championship once, WWE Tag Team Champion once, WWE Intercontinental Championship twice and has won money in the bank once.

Being loved for his heart and underdog attitude, Bryan is one of the most respected pro wrestlers in the world. His wrestling style involves a lot of striking and grappling. Bryan has great mic skills helping him connect with the fans.

For the past two years, Bryan has been suffering from several of neck and other injuries. Putting him on the shelf a couple of times, his latest injury happened in 2015, a few weeks before Extreme Rules he was scheduled to defend his Intercontinental Championship vs Bad New Barret. The company pulled him out of the match after he suffered the concussion.

Bryan has been cleared by doctors at the University of California. The thing that is standing in Bryan’s way between him and the wrestling ring is WWE and their doctors who have not cleared him to compete knowing that Bryan has been having problems for the past two years. The company obviously does not want to risk having him get even more injured and more hurt.

Seeing that this is a legit retirement, and Bryan is not trolling wrestling fans with this news since he already did this storyline, this will be a big loss for wrestling fans and wrestlers everywhere. Bryan made a big impact on the people in NXT and the main roster. The fans will be missing a one of the most popular superstars to step in the ring in the last 10 years.

The company will be missing a big part of the company success in Bryan, with him most likely retiring. Bryan had a lot of success with the company, with the fans buying his shirts and supporting him. The company will also be missing a great wrestler in Bryan, who competed each and every night while he was not injured. He has been having injury problems, so the company wants to protect him.

On the Bryan side of things, now that he is most likely retired, Bryan can now focus on other things that he can do in his life. He has been having a lot of injuries as of late, so retirement is his best choice unless he wants to make his body even worse with even more injuries. No matter what he is going to say, one thing for sure: Bryan will be missed by wrestling fans and wrestlers world wide.




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