Cubs Trade With Yankees for Arolids Chapman

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Over the course of the past couple weeks, the Chicago Cubs and the New York Yankees have had heated trade talks when it came to Yankees closing pitcher Arolids Chapman. 

Based on a report given by ESPN’s Jayson Stark, the Cubs will reportedly acquire Chapman in exchange for four names. 

The names? Well, the Yankees will be getting Adam Warren back on their roster. This season, Warren has a record of 3-2 and an ERA of 5.91. In my opinion, the Yankees will more than likely utilize Warren out their bullpen. The Yankees originally traded Warren in a deal for second baseman/shortstop Starlin Castro. 

The next player on this list is Cubs top prospect Gleyber Torres. The 19-year old is a shortstop who could without a doubt become a star in the future. Torres currently is batting .275 with 9 homers and 47 RBIs in the minors. 

Another player the Yankees will receive is outfielder Billy McKinney. The 21-year old has some developing to do, but this is a perfect match as outfielder Carlos Beltran will soon be retiring. 

The fourth name on the list has yet to be identified by any sources, but it more than likely will be a player that the Yankees can send to the minors to develop. 

The Yankees in return will most likely pay a large portion of Chapman’s contract, as it was speculated that the Cubs were not interested in paying the full $11.3 million deal.

This is a great deal for both sides, and here is why:

For the Yankees, their shot at a wild card slot is slowly dimming, so it’s only right that they plan for the future. With multiple individuals on the roster set to retire within the next year or two, this is a team that will be re-building via their farm system.

As for the Cubs, Chapman could be their final piece to a World Series run. The St Louis Cardinals should be worried at this rate, as they have not scored a run since 2011 off of Chapman (25 straight games). 

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