Cubs come back from 6-0, the recap


When the Chicago Cubs faced off against the Seattle Mariners, no one expected the Mariners to lead 6-0, but that was exactly the situation.

 After an awful start from Cubs newcomer Brian Matusz, who was rocked for three two-run homers in the span of three innings.

 The Cubs scored 2 runs in the 5th to make the score 6-2, but troubled brewed in the 7th inning for pitcher Travis Wood as the bases were loaded. However, Wood was able to pitch his way out of it and was surprisingly moved to play out in left field.

So as a recap of the events so far, Brian Matusz starting was a bad move as the guy was not of any quality at all.

 The Cubs got rocked and almost emptied the stadium, then scored 2 runs later in the game. 

Travis Wood would pitch his way out of a loaded bases situation in the 7th. And Wood is now playing left field.

Wood played in the outfield long enough to make a great catch and cutoff throw and returned to pitch in the 8th inning, no runs allowed and he ended it in a spectacular way against Shawn O’Malley. 

Wood easily won MVP of that game based on him saving some of the bullpens arms, and he saved the games on at least 2 occasions. 

While Wood excelled the most, the Cubs showed off an amazing bullpen. Hector Rondon threw 2 clean innings and the rest of the bullpen threw nine shutout innings. Now the Cubs have been saved by their bullpen, extra innings.

The Cubs were tied with the Mariners 6-6 bottom of the 12th, with one out and Jason Hayward on third. They bring in a pinch hitter, Jon Lester, a man batting .051. Lester had two strikes thrown against him, Lester lays down a bunt that would score Heyward. The Cubs won after being down 6-0 with their worst batting pitcher as the walk off man after a clutch move. 

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