Cubs Clinch Playoff Berth 

Late on Friday night, the Chicago Cubs found themselves a playoff berth. The berth came after the San Fransisco Giants lost their game to the Athletics 5-4.

This will mark as the first time the Cubs made the postseason since the 2008 season. If the season ended today, Chicago would travel to Pittsburgh to face the Bucs in the National League Wild Card game. 

The team still trails behind the Pirates by 4.5 games, but I’m sure the Cubs are just happy to be doing something right. 

The Cubs became relevant in the NL after July 27th, where they posted a 38-18 record (the most in the MLB during that stretch).

Not only is this the first time the Cubs have been to the playoffs since 2008, but if the Cubs finished as a wild card team, it would be the first since 1989. 

Think the Cubs will get knocked out of the postseason easily? Think again. The team contains nine players who have 10 HRs and 40 RBIs, showing the depth that is in their lineup. 

Not only can they preform offensively, but they have a 20-game winner in Jake Arrieta. This will turn out to be one of the most interesting postseasons in MLB history, and I’m sure Cubs fans around the nation are excited. 

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