Crown Jewel PPV Sending WWE Into Downward Spiral


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Since being announced a few months prior, WWE’s upcoming Crown Jewel pay-per-view event has brought up questions. It has been known that women are not able to compete, and select male wrestlers refuse to work the event due to it being held in Saudi Arabia.

This has forced fans of the WWE to ask why they have a ten-year, $10 billion deal in place instead of working more in the United Kingdom or Canada. In theory, this situation brings a poor reputation to the WWE for not listening to the superstars who bring the show together.

Sources claim that stars such as John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose and others are refusing to be on the event due to the recent events surrounding the country of Saudi Arabia. Losing some of the top wrestlers on a pay-per-view event that has been promoted fully is poor for business, and the possibility of losing their new TV deal with Fox Sports is sending the WWE into a downward spiral.

A World Cup tournament that mainly contains Americans are matches we have seen too many times before. Old-timers are trying to stay relevant, and there are matches that may not be at their full potential due to time constraints. The Crown Jewel event has no concrete purpose, and the only business involved is the WWE attempting to make money off a risky concept.

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