Could The Thunder Upset The Warriors?

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The upcoming series between the Thunder and Warriors is bound to be one of the most exciting series to date. No one can truly doubt that the Golden State Warriors have the best depth in the NBA. Their bench alone is probably enough to make the playoffs in the East.

That point was proven as the Warriors were able to finish off the Rockets without Steph Curry. The series with the Blazers was finished mostly without Stephen Curry as well. It’s not hard to see why this team is the best in the NBA.

However, standing in the wings are none other than the Oklahoma City Thunder, who are a force in their own right. Though, they aren’t as dominant as the Golden State Warriors, you could maybe argue their athleticism.

Before I break down the possiblity, let’s go into the stats. So far, the Warriors and Thunder are tied in the playoffs with each team, grabbing 5 wins over the other. That record may be mute simply because the Golden State Warriors are a better team then ever before. Actually, statistically speaking, this is the greatest team for a single season of all time.

However, a season series where two teams face off once every couple months or weeks is different from playing a team in a best of 7 series. The Thunder have depth on their roster that can at least rival the Warriors.

I think the wild card in this series is André Roberson. If Roberson can deliver like he did in the Thunder/Spurs series, combined with Westbrook and Durant at their normal performance level, then I certainly wouldn’t put the possibility of the Thunder upsetting the Warriors.

Regardless of what happens, this series promises to be one of the more exciting ones of the playoffs. Who are you pulling for?



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