Could the Oakland Raiders move to San Antonio?

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The Oakland Raiders are currently awaiting an answer to their relocation proposal that would send the team to Los Angeles. However, could they still be on their way out of the bay area if the move to LA doesn’t work? According to reports, Raiders owner Mark Davis is going to look to San Antonio if his move to LA is denied, and has even bought a parcel of land between San Antonio and Austin, which would allow him to build a new stadium should he be denied the LA move or if the city of Oakland does not give him a new stadium.

The LA Times reports that the St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers may have a deal that will have the two teams share a stadium in Inglewood. This would just add fuel to the raiders-to-San Antonio fire.

This will be interesting to monitor over the next few weeks. Mark Davis seems hellbent on doing one of two things: get a new stadium through threats if relocation or just up and leave Oakland all together. Would San Antonio be the wisest move for the team? I’m not sure. Time will tell if it is. Stay with The Athletes Hub for more information on this when it becomes available.

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