Could LeBron James Have a Good Case for Being MVP?


Of course we all know that LeBron James didn’t win the 2015-2016 MVP. The honors went to Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Not to hate on Curry because he is an incredible player and deserved the honors, but did he really deserve all the votes like he got? I honestly do not believe he does. While cases could be made for Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, among others this is solely focused on LeBron James and his case. Does it hold up to Curry or does it fall flat on it’s face?

LeBron James has recently come out saying that while Steph Curry deserves the MVP award, there is a difference between “best player” and “most valuable”. He is absolutely correct in saying that. Was Steph Curry the best player this year? Yes, hands down, he played the best basketball out of any player in the NBA this year. However with that being said, the Warriors are fine with or without Curry. The Warriors were 6-3 without Steph Curry, however Cleveland only has won one game without James this season, ONE GAME. Anyone that sees this data should certainly see the case for James, right?

What LeBron James means to this team is impeccable. The four seasons that James played in Miami, Cleveland missed the playoffs every single time, with the highest they got was 10th place in the East. The 2 years follow James is coming back? They win the division both years and made the finals last year and have won in swept in the first two rounds. Cleveland, since James came back, have won 13 more games than they won in all 4 seasons James was gone, COMBINED!

Many people feel Curry’s winning of the award was helped by the 73-9 record which is true, but as stated previously this ties back to a difference between most valuable and best player. With Curry, the Warriors are fine. Without Westbrook, the Thunder are fine. Without Leonard, the Spurs are fine. But without James what does Cleveland have? Obviously not enough seeing how they do without James. Do the Warriors still break the record? Most likely not, but they still make the playoffs with Thompson and Green. However, does Cleveland even make the playoffs without James? History shows they do not make the playoffs without James. It’s utterly ridiculous that Steph Curry had ALL of the votes for MVP. LeBron James, Russell Westbrook among others make strong cases for not necessarily winning MVP, but for getting AT LEAST  one vote.

Credit: USATSI

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