Could Jason Terry be a Pelican?

At 37 years old, point guard Jason Terry is reportedly in talks with the New Orleans Pelicans about potentially coming back for his 17th season in the NBA.  The Pelicans seem to enjoy having veterans on their roster, as they added center Kendrick Perkins to the roster earlier this offseason. 

Terry previously played for the Houston Rockets, as the organization needed someone to fill in after Patrick Beverley ended his season with surgery in March. The veteran would end up starting in 18 regular season games, as well as all 17 total playoff games for Houston. 

What does all of this mean for the Pelicans? Terry could potentially be one of the better bench players in the NBA, not to mention that it never hurts to have veteran leadership. The Pelicans will look to start Jrue Holiday at point guard, but Terry could provide advice to evolve Holiday into a more “complete” player.  

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