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Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr Close to Happening


For the past few months, MMA Superstar Conor McGregor and Boxing Superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr have been at war over Twitter, and both fighters have been rumored to wanting to fight each other. 

According to multiple media outlets, the rumor may come to a reality. Both McGregor and Mayweather are reportedly close to an agreement to set up a fight between the both of them.

In his boxing career, Mayweather has a record of 49-0 with 26 of the wins coming by knockout and the other 23 wins come by decision. Mayweather has changed the way people look at boxing, becoming one of the biggest sports superstars in the world today.

There is a reason why Mayweather is one of the best and popular fighters in boxing history. Mayweather has great knockout power, showcased in all of his knockout wins, even though he is a great striker, he can also go the distances and play defense and do it very well.

Along with being a great fighter, Mayweather has a personality that can get the world talking and knows how to get under his opponent’s skin and play mind games.

In his MMA career, McGregor has a record of 21-3 with most of his fights won in knockout-style. Ever since defeating Jose Aldo for the Featherweight championship,  McGregor has become one of the most popular figures in the world of MMA and in the world of sports.

There is a reason why McGregor has been the king of the MMA world for the last almost three years, and has a strong striking game showcased in his fights.  Even though he has a strong striking game, he does have weaknesses as well, but he knows how to hide them by keeping the fight standing up for most of his fights. McGregor also has good blocking, but his main strength is his striking ability.

Outside of the cage, McGregor has shown the world that he is one of the most charismatic people in sports by getting in his opponents heads by trashing talking them, which is the main thing that he is known for outside of the cage.

On the Mayweather side of things, if both sides agree to this, this is another chance for him to prove why he is one of the biggest sports stars in the world.

On the McGregor side of things, depending on if both sides agree to this, just like Mayweather, this is a chance for him to prove that he is he the biggest name in sports right now. 

If the report is true and they make it official in the next few days, this will be one of the most covered events in sports history. The coverage for this fight will be unbelievable from the time they announced the fight, until the day that the fight happens. In my opinion, this fight has the potential to be close to $100 to buy it on Pay Per View, where most events are $60 to buy it.

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