Connor McDavid vs Jake Eichel


After the NHL draft people have wondered whats the difference between the first pick Connor McDavid and the second pick Jake Eichel. Here is the difference.

Connor McDavid is an Canadian born catalyst for positive plays in all three zones. During the game he thinks analytically and recognizes scoring chances before they even happen. Blessed with good build at 6’1″ and 194 pounds, an elite-level skill set, which includes nimble skating with amazing puck-handling. All-in-all, a dominant center with all of the will, power, and intangibles to become a successful hockey luminary: He is easily said to be the next Wayne Gretzky.

Jack Eichel at 6’2″ 196 pounds is easily one of the fastest skaters you may see. When he is on the ice, the pace increases while being a consistent scoring threat, Eichel possesses next-level hockey-IQ, an elite-level skillset, and the natural size and work ethic to let him play his role as a scoring power center. All-in-all, Jack Eichel is that uncontainable, dynamic center that can make other players look out of place in his wake. He is going to easily make a difference on any team.

Here is the difference between them, McDavid is great at getting the rest of his team involved while Eichel is very good at keeping the puck on his stick alone. Also, Connor McDavid is a done deal he is in the pros. While Jake Eichel isn’t sure to if he wants to go back to college for another year. By all means both men could be number one picks. There is no doubt that they will be great players for many of years to come.

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