Connor McDavid Out For Months

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Since being drafted first overall by Edmonton Oilers, rookie Connor McDavid has been impressive during his rookie season. After getting hurt in last nights game, today Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli confirmed that McDavid will be having surgery for a broken clavicle  that he suffered in last nights game. Chiarelli did not confirm how long McDavid will be out, but he did say it will be months before he is back on the ice.

In 13 games this season, McDavid has 5 goals and 7 assist with a plus minus of -4.  Entering the draft, McDavid had so much hype surrounded around him experts were saying he was the most talked about draft pick since Sidney Crosby. With all that hype, McDavid did not disappoint even though he had a slow start to the season. Lately McDavid has turned it on showcasing why he was the most talked about draft pick since Crosby.

There is a reason why McDavid is considered the next Crosby, he has a great shot and good passing ability. McDavid can change a game on one play and make a difference that is how good he is. McDavid is the type of player that you want as your franchise player,someone who can make a difference offensively and defensively. Sure McDavid has some growing to do, but so far he looks like he will become one of the best players in the league in a few years when he reaches his full potential. McDavid is also good defensively as well, put him as your first line center and on the power play and penalty kill and he will make a difference.

Edmonton is losing a big part of the offense, even though this is his first season in the NHL. McDavid has been a big part of the offense scoring goals and getting assists. The injury will slow him down for awhile, but it should not be a problem in the long run seeing how much potential he has. When he comes back expect him to come back strong, depending how long he is out this is going to hurt his chances at winning Rookie of the year.

On the McDavid side of things, this is just a minor setback for him. It stinks to have an injury like this when it is your first season in the pros.  Injuries are part of the game and he has to deal with it. The thing that matters the most is how he bounces back from this injury. Will he be the same McDavid that we saw this season? or will this injury effect him all season.


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