Colon Throws Record-Breaking Shutout as Mets Dominate Marlins 

On Saturday night, the New York Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon took the mound on an epic night, where the Mets would go on to win the game 7-0. 

What made the night complete was that Colon was able to keep his scoreless pitching streak alive to 25 innings. This accomplishment hasn’t been done by another his pitcher his age (42) since 1967 with Hoyt Wilhem. 

“It’s really significant for me. A goal for me and a personal achievement, more because the age and (the media) doesn’t think I can still do it. Pitching up to the ninth, a complete game is a goal because it picks up the team and picks up the bullpen.”

Colon now has a record of 13-11, as he allowed 9 hits and struck out two batters on 99 pitches. 

At the age of 42 years and 104 days, Bartolo Colon became the oldest Mets pitcher ever to throw a complete game since Warren Spahn in 1965. 

The Mets now sit at a record of 75-60, having one of their best seasons in recent memory. Is it still a Yankees city? The Mets would love to get far into the playoffs in 2015 and prove critics wrong. 

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