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College Football: Build Up to National Signing Day


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We’re less than three weeks removed from national signing day for college football. Naturally, there are some questions. Who has the most recruits? How is my team doing? Who’s getting the top player? 

In order of question; LSU currently has the most recruits, depends on who your team is, and the top player remains uncommitted and visits USC on the 15th. While we’re waiting on February 3rd to get here, let’s discuss what has happened so far.

Because I am not a scout, I am going to trust the ESPN Top 300 list. If you’re just getting into college football, the top 300 list from ESPN ranks the best high school seniors from all over the country. In a perfect world, you would want your school to get as many as the top names as possible, but just like the NFL does in the draft teams pick for need. Colleges also have a certain amount of scholarships they can offer. With schools needing to fill holes and having only a certain amount of scholarships to do so makes it interesting.

The kids themselves make it interesting, maybe Dad went to Clemson, so going to Clemson is something the kid wants to keep the family tradition alive, even though maybe Alabama offered a scholarship. Or maybe the kid wants to stay close to home, so he goes to USC instead of Michigan or vise versa. A lot of factors goes into kids choosing schools, and schools offering to certain kids.

Getting into what I said I would, 72 players remain uncommitted to a school. Of those 72 players, the number one prospect Rashan Gary remains uncommitted. Michigan and Ole Miss are believed to be in the top running for highly touted defensive lineman, but we’ll have to wait until national signing day to get official word on where he goes. The next highest available is offensive tackle Willie Allen. He’ll visit LSU on the 15th of this month and LSU has huge advantage as Allen hails from Louisiana, although Georgia and TCU are believed to be in the mix for where he may land.

Where the top prospects have so far signed/committed to: The top quarterback pocket passer K.J. Costello has committed to Stanford, he did so on March 26th of 2015 and is expected to sign on national signing day. Isaac Nauta is the highest ranked prospect that has signed so far. Nauta a tight end, has signed with Georgia, doing so on the 9th of January 2016.

February 3rd is going to be a very interesting day for college football. Schools are going to get stronger, fortunes of schools are going to shift, and future college football playoffs are going to shape. The fun part of national signing day is obviously seeing where these kids decide to play ball, but even better than that for me is watching these players grow.


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