Colin Kaepernick Out For Season


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After getting benched for Blaine Gabbert,  San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick season is about to come to an end. After a report from Adam Schefter, Kapernick suffered an left non-throwing shoulder injury. He is going to be placed on the injury reserve list, ending his season. The injury dates back to week 4 vs Green Bay Packers. Kaepernick also suffered significant tear in his labrum. The quarterback is scheduled to make 11.9 million dollars next season.

In 9 games this season, Kaepernick thrown for 1,615 yards, 6 touchdowns  5 interceptions with a passer rating of 78.5. Kapernick also ran for 256 yards in 45 attempts 1 touchdown, fumbling the ball 4 times. Kaepernick this season, was nothing but dreadful in his first year under a new offense. He has not been as effective as he was when he first two seasons, starting for the team. He was missing targets, staying in the pocket too long. Not doing what he does best and that is run with the ball when he is pressured or sees nobody open.

Now that Kaepernick is out for the season, this will make it extra hard on the team to trade him. If his salary was not enough of a problem to scare teams. Before he got injured, he has some decent trade value without the cap concerns. Now with him being out for the season, teams now have to look at him health wise as well as salary wise if the team wants to trade for him. So the more logical choice for the team is cut him. There is a small chance that the team keeps him on the roster after this season.

On the Kaepernick side of things, this is the worst way to end a terrible season for him. Before this season, people were saying that he would do good under the new offense. Nobody expected him to do this bad in this offense. With this injury, this hurts Kaepernick free agency wise if the team decides to cut him. He is still a good quarterback, but it might take him awhile to sign with a team due to his health.


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