Colin Kaepernick Not Returning In 2016?


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According to a multiple reports, it is virtually certain that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick will not be returning to the team in the 2016 season. Kaepernick is coming off a season where the team missed the playoffs. His struggles were showcased in the eight games he started at quarterback this season before getting benched for backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert led the team to a victory over the Atlanta Falcons Sunday.

In 8 games this season, Kaepernick thrown for 1,615 yards, 6 touchdowns  5 interceptions with a passer rating of 78.5. Kapernick also ran for 256 yards in 45 attempts 1 touchdown, fumbling the ball 4 times. This season for Kapernick has been a nightmare. He is not the same guy that brought the team to the Super Bowl two years ago. Kaepernick is missing receivers in the routes, not throwing the ball the way he used to throw to, and due to his struggles, most of the players wanted him benched before the team benched him for Gabbert.

Even though Kaepernick has struggled the past two seasons, he is still a great quarterback. Kapernick can throw the ball to his receivers, with the ability to make a big play. What Kaepernick is best at is running with the football. When he is pressured he knows how to scramble for a good amount of yards. Kaepernick is not a pocket passer type of quarterback. With the right system, allowing him to do what he does best and that is having him be a duel threat type of quarterback that can run and throw the ball. Kaepernick can be a effective quarterback as long as he is in the right system.

After signing a six year mega contract extension in 2014 worth $126 million, all went downhill for Kaepernick playing wise. Before getting the contract extension, he was proven to lead the 49ers to the playoffs and to the Super Bowl. After the contract extension, that was not the case for Kaepernick, as he has failed to become the franchise quarterback that the team thought he was going to become.  It is now seen that the team was desperate to keep Kaeprnick giving him a big payday too early in his career. Now the team is paying the price for that mistake.

This past offseason the team hired   Jim Tomsula, as head coach after  Jim Harbaugh left the team taking a head coaching job at the University Of Michigan. Tomsula and the offensive staff tried making Kaepernick a pocket passing quarterback. It was not a good idea, seeing what Kaepernick done this season. Not letting him be the duel threat type of quarterback was a mistake on the coaching staff.

This is not surprising, a lot of reports were saying that Kaepernick would be cut in the offseason. It might be a good thing for Kaepernick, going to a team that fits his playing style a lot better. The 49ers will have to look at his contract, and the nearly $12 million that he owed in 2016, which is fully guaranteed. The deal will not end until 2021. Moving that contract via trade will be really hard to do since its a big salary. Unless the team finds someone to take on his salary the most likely option is the team will cut him.


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