Cody Rhodes Working With TNA And ROH?


According to a report from Dave Meltzer, he was speaking to former WWE superstar Cody Rhodes at PWG Battle Of Los Angeles. During the conversation with Rhodes, Rhodes himself says he will have a deal with Total Nonstop Action along with working with Ring Of Honor. The unique thing about this news is he is not signed with either wrestling company.

During his run with the WWE, Rhodes has captured the intercontinental championship twice, world tag team championship three times, and the tag team championship three times. Rhodes is also the son of legendary wrestler Dusty Rhodes.  

Even though Rhodes was never a main event superstar in the company, he has potential to become one. Rhodes has great mic skills, along with being a good technical wrestler. Rhodes is a convincing face or heel, but his best work is when he is a cocky heel.

He left the WWE on May 21st, and his reasoning for leaving the company is his frustration with the company’s creative staff. When he walked out of the door, he was not being used well on TV. He was used to putting guys over, when the company should have given him a push. During the year of 2012, he was red hot and the company sadly did nothing with the momentum that he had.

TNA is getting a great superstar in Rhodes. He is a really hard worker and he will bring some star power that the company really needs. The company has signed multiple big name free agents in the past few months in Mike Bennett, Damian Sandow, Moose, Maria, and now Rhodes.

According to reports, the company is planning a feud between Rhodes and Bennett also involving Maria and Rhodes’ wife Eden. That feud should be amazing to watch since both superstars can put on great matches.

On the Rhodes side of things, it is a great thing that he is allowed to compete for both companies. He will be making a name for himself in TNA and on the independent wrestling scene and showcased the talent that he has as a main event superstar that WWE never allowed him to showcase.

PhotoCredit: bleacherreport.com

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