CM Punk vs Mike Jackson Rumored for UFC 225


Rumored or not, it seems as though the UFC is planning to book a fight between former WWE superstar CM Punk and Mike Jackson for UFC 225 in Chicago, Illinois. Placed in the hometown of Punk, fans have been kicking rocks and waiting to watch a card that has some buzz surrounding it. By first glance, something says this card won’t live up to that hype by any means.

Punk, who is legally known as Philip Brooks, made his long awaited debut at UFC 203 against Mickey Gall. It turned out to be a one-sided bout, as Punk ultimately lost to Gall in the first two minutes of the first round. He had not shown any progress from his documented journey, but instead, showed how easy it is to make some cash within minutes. Since his loss, Punk hasn’t fought in the octagon.

Jackson on the other hand is someone you’ll find on the streets, and will agree to just about any contract the UFC offers. Having a replica record of 0-1 in his career, this fight should be viewed as a prelim for 225, and nothing more.

Jackson was defeated in a mere 45 seconds of the first round against Gall, who went on to face Punk and dominate in similar fashion. If you think about it, Jackson is like an enhancement talent for the WWE, but somehow got lost in the world of MMA.

From the looks of it, both Punk and Jackson are inexperienced, and haven’t fought in the octagon in over a year. The chances of either of the two gassing out is extremely likely, as as this could turn out to be one of the worst bouts in UFC history.  For what it’s worth, the UFC could very well be handing Punk a layup in terms of his first professional victory, as the industry is in dire need of brand names.

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