Clippers Become Latest Team to Shut Down Facilities Amid Pandemic


On Thursday night, it was reported that the Los Angeles Clippers have closed down their practice facility. This comes as a precaution after an unnamed player tested positive for the Coronavirus. 

The Clippers join the Nuggets and Nets as the only teams to close facilities due to the virus. The NBA has allowed teams to take 35 people from the organization, including players and staff, to the bubble in Orlando, Florida. 

There are a total of 25 players who now tested positive for the Coronavirus. The total came after 351 players were tested; that is 7% of the bubble who have been affected. While Coronavirus tests are daily, they ensure players safety and the safety of those around them. With these numbers, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver still remains “pretty confident” that the NBA in Orlando will start as expected on July 30th.

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