Cleveland Cavaliers Avoid Elimination, Push Series To Game 6

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Leading up to game 5, the Golden State Warriors were one win away from winning the NBA title for the second year in a row. On the other side, the Cleveland Cavaliers were facing elimination down 3-1 in the series. 

Monday was a must win game for the Cavaliers, with their back against the wall, the team pulled through winning game 5 pushed this series to a game 6. Game 6 will be Thursday night at 8 PM eastern, as the Warriors still lead the series 3-2.

In the first quarter, the Warriors got off to a fast start to the game, outscoring the Cavaliers, only to have them come back and rebound from the bad start in the first quarter. They would end up making shots and keeping the game close against the Warriors, eventually tying the game at 22. At the end of 1st quarter, the Warriors lead 32-29. 

Stephen Curry lead the Warriors in scoring in the first quarter with 10 points, and LeBron James lead the  Cavaliers in scoring with 12 points in the quarter.

In the 2nd quarter, the Cavaliers started off well, scoring seven straight points to start the quarter. It was all the Cavaliers during the first few minutes of the second quarter. The Warriors went on a run to take a 41-40 lead. 

After they took the lead, both teams went back and forth with both teams taking multiple leads. At the end of the first half, the game was tied 61-61. James lead the way in scoring for the   Cavaliers with 25 points in the first half, and Klay Thompson is leading the way in scoring for the Warriors with 26 points in the first half.

At the start of the 3rd quarter, both teams kept the game close until the Cavaliers went on a run and took the lead. The Warriors caught up to the lead, only to have them extend the lead to 83-75. The   Cavaliers went on a hot streak after taking the lead, making good shots and keeping the Warriors from scoring, increasing the lead to 93-82. 

At the end of the third quarter,  Cavaliers were on top 93-84. James put on a shooting clinic, leading the way in scoring for the Cavilers with 36 points, and Thompson was having a great game himself, leading the way in scoring for the Warriors with 35 points.

In the 4th quarter, the Warriors made the game close at the start of the quarter, cutting the Cavaliers lead to 7 points. The run for the Warriors did not last long, as the Cavaliers increased the lead to 102-92 with 7:30 minutes left in the game. The Cavaliers did not stop scoring, increasing the lead to 112-96 with 2:30 minutes left in the game. That was all enough for the Cavaliers. At the end of the 4th quarter, the Cavaliers won the game 112-97.

A big reason for the Cavaliers victory was the performance of James and Kyrie Irving, who both put on shooting clinics, scoring 41 points, helping the team push this series to game 6 and give the team a chance to come back and win the series.



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