Cleveland Browns Come to Terms with Robert Griffin III

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In a move that has been rumored for weeks now, the Browns have officially signed Robert Griffin III. While RGIII isn’t the best QB, it’s the best option for the Browns and an improvement for RGIII at the starting position. It’s a 2-year deal worth up to $15M with a $3.5M signing bonus and $3.25M guaranteed . RGIII, aftering being on the bench the whole season, had buzz around him in the Free Agency due to his rookie year.

Last year, RGIII was beat out by Kirk Cousins for the starting job, falling quickly on the depth chart. RGIII was only active for one game last year, which he didn’t play in.  The Browns, needing a QB, would overpay for someone not that great just as the Texans did. Here is a direct quote from RGIII, “I’m just excited to come in and compete.

Nothing’s ever been given to me in my life, so I just want to go out and compete with the guys and grow with this team. I feel like that’s all I’m really focused on.” It’ll be interesting how this works for not only Cleveland but for RGIII too.

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