Chris Jericho Rumored For Bound For Glory


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For the past few months, rumors have been speculating around Chris Jericho and him potentially showing up at Impact Wrestling. Fans are wondering if Jericho would actually compete for the company at their biggest show of the year: Bound For Glory. On Thursday, Eli Drake issued an open challenge for anyone from the New York area to compete against him, and since Jericho is from that specific area, he qualifies.

Over his 19-year career, Chris Jericho has made quite the name for himself. He has secured multiple world titles, and became the record holder for most reigns as WWE Intercontinental Champion.

There is a reason why he calls himself the best in the world, and it’s because he backs himself up more often than not. He is one of the most charismatic wrestlers on the microphone, and his high-flying ability makes it so all eyes are on him.

Last year, Jericho shocked the world when he showed up at New Japan, challenging Kenny Omega for his IWGP Intercontinental Championship. This was the first time since joining the WWE that Jericho had competed in any other wrestling company.

Since competing in New Japan, Jericho has made headlines all over the world. With a few surprise appearances along the way, including one at All In, the possibility that he appears at Bound For Glory is not out of the question.

Over the years, Impact Wrestling has been the laughing stock of wrestling companies.  From who was running the company to the storylines, things don’t normally break the right way for Impact Wrestling. In December of last year, the company hired Scott D’Amore and Don Callas as Vice Presidents. Since then, the environment has completely changed.

With Impact Wrestling going in a different direction, and with Chris Jericho at a different stage in his career, it makes sense for both sides to make a deal to bring Jericho on board.

In his home state of New York, this is the perfect opportunity for Jericho to make an appearance. Impact Wrestling has the money to pull this off, and Jericho has the motive to do so. With all the surrounding hype, expect for Jericho to accept Eli Drake’s open challenge. If not him, the company will settle for someone such as Big Cass, who was recently cut by the WWE.

Photo Credit: New Japan Pro Wrestling

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