Chicago Cub’s Dan Haren Announces Retirement After This Season.


After pitching 6 innings in a 3-1 win over the Milwaukee Brewers, Cubs pitcher Dan Haren announced that he will retire at the end of this season. The thirty-five year old initially planned on retiring after his 2014 season with the Dodgers, but decided to stick around for one more year.

He began his 2015 season with the Miami Marlins, with a record of 7-7 before being traded to the Cubs. The Marlins sent him along with $500k in return for shortstop Elliot Soto and right-handed pitcher Ivan Pineyro. He has gone 3-2 with the Cubs, and in his last 17 2/3 innings has allowed only 2 earned runs.

He started his Major League career in 2003 with the St. Louis Cardinals, going 3-7 with a 5.08 ERA. In 2007, he was an American League All Star with the Oakland Athletics and in 2008 and 2009 he was a National League All Star with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He has played for 8 MLB teams in 13 seasons.

In his start against the Brewers, he allowed only 3 hits while striking out three. He went 0-2 at the plate, finishing the regular season with a perfect .200 career batting average.

It is not likely that he will play in the postseason, though he said that he will be ready if he is needed. He finishes the regular season with a 3.60 ERA and a record of 11-9.

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