Chicago Bulls Getting Offers For Butler, Prefer to Trade Rose


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With the NBA draft coming up, that means there are of course going to be some trade rumors. When the draft order was first announced, many of the rumors were with the Lakers and 76ers, who hold the 2 & 1 picks respectively. 

However, as we get closer to the draft, it’s not a top 5 team that is in the news. It’s the Chicago Bulls, who hold the #14 pick.

Ever since the order came out for the draft, the Bulls have had rumors swarming that they are aiming to trade Derrick Rose. At first, it seemed a few teams (76ers and Lakers) were getting close to making an actual deal for Rose. 

However, any and everything about trading Rose would soon shutdown. Now, teams are after the Bulls SG, Jimmy Butler, who many feel is a severely underrated player in the NBA, especially at his position. 

So when you have teams wanting a player from your team and its down to Jimmy Butler and injury-riddled Derrick Rose, well we know what teams are going to go after (Jimmy Butler). But this is the tough part for the Bulls, as they try to get rid of Derrick Rose for a small reward, which could backfire, or get rid of possibly the franchise player for a huge reward.

The two teams that are making a run at trading for Jimmy Butler are the Minnesota Timberwolves and Boston Celtics. Now, like previously stated, the Bulls want to trade Rose. However, for the right deal, they could move Butler. So, which team would stand out the most for the Bulls as a trading partner? 

I’d have to say the Boston Celtics, who hold the #3 pick over the Timberwolves (who hold the #5 pick). This would benefit all 3 teams I feel because it’d allow Minnesota’s young “big 3” to stay together (Andrew Wiggins, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Zach LaVine), give the Bulls the #3 pick which could easily replace Jimmy Butler, and give the Celtics a solid SG as they don’t have much there now.

Sources say that the Bulls aren’t expected to move Butler and if they did, it would take a lot (a starter and a top draft pick are must-haves). 

However, on the other side, the Bulls are showing a lot of interest in Providence guard, Kris Dunn, who many believe will go anywhere from 3-5 (keep in mind the Celtics have the #3 pick and the Timberwolves have the #5 pick). 

While nothing is known about what the Celtics would trade for Butler, it’s clear that the Timberwolves would trade their starting SG, Andrew Wiggins. But, with it having to take more than the pick and Wiggins, it’s said a multi-team trade could happen if a deal happens. 

But, as of now, all we know is the Bulls are exploring all options, the Timberwolves have strong interest in Butler, and that the Celtics show some interest in Butler.

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