Chicago Blackhawks Epic Comeback 

Photo by Chicago Tribune with Anthony Souffle
As if the NHL Playoffs didn’t already have us all on the edge of our seats, the Blackhawks continued to shock the nation with a 5-3 win over the Ducks on Saturday night. 

The 4-3 series win will now allow the team to face the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup. Patrick Kane added 3 assists for Blackhawks in game seven, proving himself once again as a franchise player. For the Ducks, Ryan Kesler and Corey Perry both put in goals and Ryan Getzlaf contributed an assist. 

As a whole, the series was quite an exciting one as 3 of the 7 games went to overtime; one of those ending in double overtime, and another even went into triple overtime. In the end, the Hawks experience and scoring prevailed. Will the work ethic Chicago provides be enough to help them win the Stanley Cup? Only time can answer that question. 

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