Cavs, Bulls Both Sign Their Star Players 

This NBA free agency period has been creating waves throughout the U.S., and things are not cooling done quite yet. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers went ahead and signed two of their better players to a long term extension. Forward Kevin Love, who was speculated to view new potential homes, signed a deal worth 5 years, $110 million. The Cavs also went ahead and signed Tristan Thompson, who will have a deal worth 5 years, $80 million. 

With the Eastern conference being known as the weaker of the two, it’s simple enough to already claim that the Cav’s will be the favorite until someone proves otherwise. Signing Love and Thompson were both moves that needed to be made by the organization, but now they need to reel LeBron back into the mix. 

The Bulls on the other hand have been up to multiple moves as well. After re-signing Mike Dunleavy to a three-year deal, Jimmy Butler signed his extension as well. The deal will be worth five years, and $90 million. The Bulls have struggled, although having one of the best rosters on paper. 

With Rose, Gasol, Noah and Butler back into the mix, injures would be the only factor preventing this team from a deep playoff run next year. Could the Bulls be on the right track? It’s safe to say that their offseason plans have been flawless, for now. 

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