Can The Clippers Represent The West? 


The Clippers? Yes, the Clippers, the same ones that were up 3-1 and blew it before it was the cool thing to do? The same team to many should’ve already won a title? Yes, the same Clippers that have a Big 3 of DeAndre Jordan, Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin, THAT Clippers team.

When people bring up the Clippers and being in the Finals it’s usually in a joking manner, mostly to make fun of Chris Paul and just the whole organization. However, what people don’t realize is that this Clippers team isn’t THAT bad.

The roster isn’t the BEST roster (Thanks Warriors), but it’s solid enough to perhaps “upset” this super, mega team of death named the Golden State Warriors. How so? Well…..

First some back story, we all know that on 4th of July Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder and went to the Golden State Warriors. However, what people seem to forgot is that the Warriors lost a TON of key players in the process of signing Durant.

Perhaps some of the biggest losses were Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes, but they also lost less recognized players in Festus Ezeli and Marreese Speights. While most people like to look at their new big 4, the bench is also valuable and all these players that were lost leave a huge, gaping hole in the Warriors bench.

You’re probably saying that’s nice and all, but what does this have to do with the Clippers beating them? It’s very simple, actually. The Clippers have more depth than the Warriors.

As I mentioned earlier, the Warriors lost Marreese Speights and guess where he signed? That’s right, the Clippers. This just adds to players coming off the bench like Austin Rivers, Wesley Johnson, and Brandon Bass.The Clippers also have more EXPERIENCE on the team with players like Paul Pierce and Jamal Crawford.

There’s one last factor that people don’t realize. This is more than likely the last season the big 3 plays together with Blake Griffin and Chris Paul becoming free agents at the end of this season. You think not only the big 3 but the team as a whole won’t want to go out on top? I certainly think they will!

AP Photo/ Chris Carlson

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