Can Stephen Thompson Overcome the Odds?


At UFC 205, Stephen Thompson went through hell with current Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley. Both men gave everything they had to try and end the match and win the gold.

After giving up all that they had, the judges would ultimately decide the match was a draw. Both men would be credited with a draw and the title remained with Woodley. The rematch was set.

And as it seemed destined to be, the match will take place at UFC 209. Thompson will look to threaten Woodley for his Championship. The title he has held since July of 2016 after defeating Robbie Lawler at UFC 201.

Those that know Thompson, widely regard him as one of the most accomplished strikers in the UFC. The fighter holds a record of 13-1 in the pros. Thompson also holds a 38-0 record in Amateur Kickboxing. In Kickboxing, he holds a 28-0 record. He’s accomplished this by putting in all his effort, in every fight he’s been in.

I believe Thompson will put an end to Woodley’s title reign and will forever prove why he’s known by many as the “Wonderboy.”

Who do you think will win the big fight?


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