Can Marcus Mariota be the Next Steve McNair?


Can Marcus Mariota be the next Steve McNair?

The question seems out of place to many, considering Marcus has only one year in the NFL. Yet many people get confused about the question. Steve McNair and Marcus Mariota are two completely different types of players and I get that. We all get that, but the real question is, can Mariota lead the Titans to the playoffs and become the next franchise QB. Keep in mind, the Titans have not had a franchise QB since Steve McNair.

I say he can. Marcus Mariota can be the next Steve McNair. He already is the poster boy for the Titans. He, as McNair, can be the offensive leader and lead the team during critical moments in games. Look at the Thursday Night Football game against Jacksonville earlier this year, he drove the team nearly 80 yards into scoring range. Of course his offensive line failed him, but he still drove. In a game against the Saints this season, he threw 4 TD passes to lead the Titans to a win, and when beating Jacksonville he led the team in critical moments. He has the ability to be the leader and a household name in Titans history.

When people think about players in Titans history, everyone brings up Steve McNair and Eddie George. I feel Mariota has the skill and ability to join these elite names in best franchise players for the Titans. While Mariota has some work to do, the ability is there and he can be the next McNair. We’ll just have to wait to see if he does.

Donn Jones, Tennessee Titans

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