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Can Golovkin Defeat Canelo Once and For All?


The date of September 16th, 2017 has to be one of the most controversial days for Gennady Golovkin. He fought fiercely, and from the looks of it, defeated one of the greatest boxers of all time in Canelo Alvarez. That was until the fight went the distance, and the last judge, Adalaide Byrd, scored in favor of Canelo. This ultimately resulted in the fight being declared a split draw.

Multiple media outlets and fans were outraged over the decision, and rightfully so. It was Golovkin who was quick and accurate with all of his strikes, which should have lead him to advance his undefeated record to 38 wins, no losses, with only one previous draw.

Canelo on the other hand felt that throughout the whole fight, he was actually the one winning. In addition, the Mexican star felt that wobbling Golovkin three times should have earned him the victory. Canelo currently holds a record of 49 wins, one loss from the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr, and only two draws.

Canelo is without a doubt one of the greatest boxers to step foot inside the ring, but to pull off a miracle and defeat another great in Golovkin would be as upsetting as Buster Douglas defeating Mike Tyson to end his streak at 37 wins. For Canelo to accomplish this, the tables would have to turn on Golovkin where Canelo can take advantage and not allow it to go the distance by any means necessary.

For Golovkin, he simply needs to maintain the same strategy as he did within their first encounter. He also cannot allow it to go the distance whatsoever, but can’t waste time or energy either. In my eyes, GGG would need to land just about everything to rightfully earn his victory.

The bout on May 5th will quite possibly be the biggest rematch since Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier, or even Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley. The matchup of Canelo vs Golovkin isn’t just about money, but it’s about knowing who is the best between the two.

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