Cam Jordan, Saints Agree to Deal

New Orleans defensive end Cam Jordan finally received his pay day, receiving a 5-year, 60 million dollar extension.  The guaranteed amount of money for Jordan is reportedly up around the 34 million dollar mark. 

Jordan was going into his final year of his contract with the Saints, as they picked up his option back in April, worth 6.9 million dollars. Jordan was a first round pick for the Saints, as he started in 63 total games.  During that time, Jordan racked up 119 tackles, five forced fumbles and 29 sacks. 

Jordan’s breakout year came in the 2013 season, where he would receive credit for 12.5 sacks, but struggled the following year with 7.5 total sacks.  

The Saints are taking a gamble on Jordan, and are in hopes that his signing will be considered an upgrade for the team.  

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