Buffalo Bills; One of the Top Offenses in 2015? 

Wide Receiver Percy Harvin wasn’t shy when it came to speaking with the media on Thursday Morning, claiming this:

“Sky’s the limit,” Harvin told the Democrat & Chronicle. “We think once we get in training camp, everyone is going to be in tip-top shape, this offense is going to be very scary.”

This is a pretty big statement from a team that ranked 26th in total offense last year, especially when the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins both made upgrades on the defensive side of things. We decided to take the top 3 most important players on the Bills roster, and speculate whether there impact would lead the Bills to a “scary offense”.

Quarterback: E.J. Manuel 

Manuel threw for 2,810 yards last season with 16 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. While the stats are not anything to write home about, can his stats improve this upcoming season? McCoy could take pressure off the young man, and if his receivers stay healthy, we could see major improvements. Manuel has been inconsistent, but there’s no reason to believe that he will have similar numbers as last year with the support cast he has.

Running Back: LeSean McCoy

The new man in town, “Shady” McCoy, is finding himself behind a new offensive line this year. Last season with the Philadelphia Eagles, McCoy racked up 1,319 yards and 5 rushing touchdowns. While his stats do prove he is still an efficient starting running back, fans can’t help but wonder if the transition to a new team will affect his statistics.

Wide Receiver: Sammy Watkins

Watkins had 982 receiving yards last season, gathering 6 touchdowns in the process. With the same quarterback situation, could Watkins crack 1,000 yards this upcoming year? I have reason to believe that’s doubtful. With McCoy added to the roster, you have to understand that the Bills may heavily rely on the run game. Manuel’s arm has been a huge question mark, so expect Watkins’ numbers to slightly decline.

Overall, it’s safe to say that I’m not buying that the Bills offense will be “scary”. The quarterback situation and running game are still in question, so there is no reason to believe that the Bills will run over other teams in the NFL.

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