Buffalo Bills Gambling With Peterman


With Tyrod Taylor being benched for Sunday’s bout against the Los Angeles Chargers, LeSean McCoy should be getting a heavy workload this week. Not only is the rookie Nathan Peterman playing, but the Bills are also facing one of the worst run defenses in the NFL.

Taylor has produced a minimum 76 points in PPR Fantasy Football this season, which evaluates to 28 points in Non-PPR leagues. Compared to his stats going into week 11 last year, he has evidently been underwhelming.

Although Taylor has been benched, it may be a blessing in disguise for LeSean “Shady” McCoy. McCoy has only had 3 touchdowns this season, but he is also known as a very liable running back to the Bills with his powerhouse-like running.

As for the rookie, Nathan Peterman, it will be interesting to see how he plays. With this  being his first NFL game played, the Bills will most likely come out running the ball, which means more carries for McCoy and even Mike Tolbert. Peterman may not be as mobile of a quarterback as Taylor, so with the decent offensive line of the Bills, this means McCoy may get even more carries than expected.

After Peterman transferred from Tennessee to Pitt, he was tremendous. Having only 94 total passing yards for Tennessee, he had 5,142 for Pitt. Starting Peterman this week is the right choice for the Bills. Not only can he throw, but they have the workhorse, LeSean McCoy behind him.

Depending on how Peterman plays against the Chargers will either make or break his future. If he proves that he can play in the NFL, and play well, he may start, or if not, get traded or signed to another team just like Jacoby Brissett did.

If Peterman plays well, Tyrod Taylor may not be a member of the Bills for too much longer. Taylor has already came out and noted he doesn’t agree with the decision of him being benched.

This Sunday will be a very interesting week for Buffalo. Will Peterman stay the starter indefinitely, or will Taylor come back during the game?





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