Brook Lopez Opting Out


Brook Lopez joins the now growing list of basketball players opting out of their contracts for maybe something a little better. Lopez is opting out of his $16.7 million dollar contact with the Brooklyn Nets in order to become a free agent this summer.

The Nets are currently trying to win him back, seeing him as a very valuable asset and are eager to re-sign him before someone else catches his interest. Although they are already 88 million dollars in the hole with 11 other player’s salaries and risking paying a heavy luxury tax to concern about, they seem to be willing to go to great lengths to get Lopez back with the team.

Lopez has had quite the run, now averaging about 17 points per game. His only downfall is his frequent injury history that gives him a risk value. Given that, his skills and age gives him a good investment value and a more likeliness to be picked up by another team if he does not wish to return to Brooklyn.

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