Broncos Trade OT Ryan Clady to New York Jets


The Denver Broncos have traded their Offensive Tackle Ryan Clady to the New York Jets. The Broncos gave up their 7th round pick as part of the deal and the Jets sent their 5th round pick to the Broncos in return. This all came about when Jets’ OT D’Brickshaw Ferguson retired after 10 years of not missing a game for the Jets. The trade is set to be confirmed in the next 1-2 days, with the Jets and Clady having to work out a contract. Clady had $19.5M (guaranteed) and 2 years left on his new deal. However, due to New York’s cap room problem, Clady will have to redo his deal.

Clady is a 5-time pro bowler, and was a first round pick in 2008. It seems the Broncos wanted to get rid off Clady because since 2013, he had only played in one full season (2014). The Broncos also added Russell Okung this offseason which could be a possible reason for the trade. In 2014, Clady allowed two sacks and committed five penalties through 16 games. He didn’t allow a sack nor did he commit any penalties in the 2014 playoffs.

Even if coming off a season spent injured, it’s an upgrade to the Jets. With the loss of a veteran (Ferguson), another proven veteran is the best way to replace that spot (Clady). With the offensive line being a key spot on a football field, the Jets got a really good deal. They only lost a 5th round pick, yet received a 7th round pick and a trustworthy lineman. It’ll be interesting to see if Clady continues to play good football in New York.

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