Brock Lesnar to Make Return at UFC 200

Don Feria/Associated Press
After the UFC announced that Brock Lesnar was coming back late Saturday night during UFC 199, everyone was wondering who will Lesnar return fight be against? The world did not have to wait long, as the UFC announced that will Mark Hunt be facing Lesnar on July 9th.

In his career in MMA, Hunt has a record of 12-10-1, winning a majority of the 12 fights by knockout. Hunt also has experience in kickboxing, so that comes in handy in his fights. He has great hands, great knockout power, and he can take the match to the ground if he wants to.

 It is a smart idea not to play the standup game with him, since that is where he is at his best.

With all the big fights that the UFC has already on the card, after the company announced that Lesnar was coming back for UFC 200, the show just got a lot better. Hunt should put up a good fight against Lesnar.

UFC is going to make a lot of money off this fight alone, since Lesnar will draw a lot of attention to the event. Combine Lesnar vs. Hunt and the three title fights that are on the card, and UFC 200 suddenly has the potential to be the biggest show in company history.

At the end of the day, Lesnar is coming back to the UFC after 3 plus years. Lesnar will be dealing with octagon rust, since it has been so long since he has competed in the UFC. 

With a really good training camp, Lesnar could be able to pull off the win in this fight. Lesnar will want to leave his mark in the UFC, since this will only be a one fight offer, so he will do everything in his power to get his win here.

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