Brock Holt Hits for Cycle

Brock Holt became the first Boston player to start games in seven different positions, and he just broke another fantastic record Tuesday when the Red Sox faced the Braves. 

Holt ended up hitting for the cycle, and if you don’t know what that is, it’s because this is the first time in nineteen years that a Red Sox player has been able to preform in that manner. Doubling in the first inning, singling in the fifth, homering in the seventh and tripling in his final at-bat, in the eighth- which landed the defeat of the Braves with a score of 9-4. 

It’s a huge deal, not only because it lead to a win, but this hasn’t happened on this team since 1996, when John Valentin executed that skill against the Chicago White Sox. 

With The Red Sox not doing so hot this year, his stats still remain impressive, with a batting average of .309, two home runs and fifteen runs batted in. This should be a roller coaster that only goes up for him, and hopefully the team. 

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