Breakdown Of Drew Brees’ New Contract

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After a long offseason of talks and people wondering if both sides would agree on a deal, Drew Brees will be officially staying with the New Orleans Saints after all after this season. 

The team and Brees agreed to a one-year deal to keep him with the team, he was expected to stay with the team regardless. During the next two years, Brees will be making $44.25 million in fully guaranteed money. Brees also will have a no-trade clause during the first few years.  

Last season, in 15 games, Brees threw for 4,870 yards, 32 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, with a passer rating of 101.1. Brees put up solid numbers last season for the Saints. 

With him getting up there in age, there are no sign Brees will be slowing down anytime soon. Even though Brees had a great season, the team missed the playoffs due to their lack of defense, allowing a lot of yards, leading to the team finishing last season with a record 7-9, good for third in the NFC South.

The team is hoping that the defense can fix the problems from last season and help lead the team back into the playoffs. From winning a Super Bowl title with Bress in 2009, the team is slowly working towards competing and try to win one more Super Bowl. 

Brees is not getting any younger, and after this deal ends, he will most likely retire since he is 37 years old and been in the league for 16 years.

The team must be happy  that he was willing to sign only a one-year extension, considering he is the most important player on the franchise. 

This gives the Saints some cap relief down the road, the team did pay a lot of money up front, but you have to pay a lot of money for elite talent like Brees.

On Brees’ side of things, he wanted a lot of money up front and that is what he got. I do not blame him for wanting that much since he is an elite player and is getting up there in age. He deserves every penny from this new one-year, he just needs to not show any signs of slowing down during the next two seasons. 

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