Braun Strowman: The Next Big Thing of the Modern Era


After debuting as part of the evil cult family known as the Wyatt Family, Braun Strowman immediately put himself as one of the next big things for the WWE.

Born and raised in Sherrills Ford, North Carolina, Strowman (whose real name is Adam Scherr) would compete in power lifting competitions such as the NAS US Amateur National Championship and Arnold Amateur Strongman Championship. He would go on to place in first place in every one until signing with the WWE.

After signing with the WWE, Strowman would debut against Chad Gable at a non-televised NXT show in Jacksonville,  Florida in an instant squash match.  After a few months, he was promoted to the main roster. 

Once making it to the main roster, Strowman would make a surprising and memorable debut on the night after Summerslam, by debuting as part of the Wyatt Family and attacking both Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. 

He would again face alongside his fellow Wyatt Family, as he would get the win after choking out WWE future Hall of Famer Chris Jericho, who was the surprise partner of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

After ten months with the Wyatt Family, Strowman would be drafted to Raw, while Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan were drafted to Smackdown as part of the WWE Brand Split.

Not even a week later, Strowman was already making a name for himself by defeating local jobbers and being billed as the monster among men. For these last few months, he has brutalized superstars left and right.

It can be seen that Strowman can and possibly will be the next big thing for himself and for the WWE with his size and strength. He could be described as the Big Show, mixed with a young Brock Lesnar. 

In the near future, we may see him be one of the top guys in the WWE if he wins the WWE Universal Championship in 2017.
The 34-year old has the talent to be a huge main eventer and put on many huge matches and prove that he is and will become the next big thing.

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