Brandon Spikes Released From Patriots

Due to his car being found abandoned and damaged, 27 year old linebacker Brandon Spikes was recently released from the Patriots roster. An investigation is now underway to find out what exactly happened and what actions should be taken if illegal acts were committed with the car that is registered under his name. A supposed hit and run with a deer and abandonment of his car his currently under investigation. 

On the football field, with Dont’a Hightower and Jerod Mayer recovering from surgeries, Spikes was their supposedly to be their main man in their defensive line.

Looking back, Spikes has had a pretty hard run. He signed with the Patriots with a four year contract in 2010. He finished his rookie season with 61 tackles, although it was cut short with a suspension and only ended up playing in 12 out of 16 games. 

In 2012, he was fined for a late hit to the Buffalo Bills in week 10. Then in 2013, he was injured but still played, although Spikes was released when his contract ended, landing a spot with the Buffalo Bills for a one year contract. In that season, Spikes yet again was fined for a late hit against the Chicago Bears.  

Continuing his misfortunes to recent times, he was signed back to the Patriots on May 13, but quickly found himself removed from the team just so the Patriots didn’t land themselves into hot water. 

Things are just not looking too good for Spikes, and with the upcoming season right around the corner; it’s unlikely that he can find a team to play for.

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