Brady Vs Montana; Who’s The GOAT Now? 


After undoubtedly the greatest Super Bowl comeback in NFL history, Tom Brady secured his fifth NFL Championship trophy, making him the only QB in NFL history with 5 Super Bowl victories. 

With that, is it time to hand Brady the crown? Abolsutely. Here’s why: 

Teams going into the fourth with a 19+ point lead in NFL postseason history were 93-0 going into Sunday night. Now, history will be shown that it’s 93-1 instead. 

Not only was Brady forced to take hits within the pocket, but he was forced to continue to take those hits on 62 dropbacks. 

Another note to jot down is that the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history prior to SB51 was a 10-point margin. Brady lead the Patriots single-handily to a 25-point comeback. 

While Montana played in a significantly harder era, Brady has continued to prove critics (including myself) wrong time after time. 

I felt as though Montana had an edge on Brady, but that number 12 only needed one more Super Bowl victory to shut everyone up. 

Montana had Rice, whereas Brady had weapons like Gronkowski. Montana played against better quarterbacks, but it’s evident that Brady played against better defenses in the big game. At age 39, Brady’s stats blow every other QB in NFL history out of the water. 

I give credit when it’s due, and for Brady, its long overdue. Statistically, the only edge Montana had on Brady was four Super Bowl titles apiece (along with no losses for Montana). Now that Brady has five to Montana’s four, it’s fair to say that Brady is the best quarterback to enter the NFL. 

I’m curious to what Brady will do in his 40’s, considering the likes of Favre and Manning have struggled in their later days. Brady should be fine for the next 3 to 5 years, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays to see yet another Super Bowl run. 

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