Boston Deemed Sport City of the Century So Far


On Sunday, the Boston Red Sox secured their fourth World Series title since the turn of the century. Seemingly, every time one of Boston’s major sports teams are pinned against the wall, they fight back and make the critic’s stomachs turn. In result, could Boston be the greatest sports city of the century? Historically, arguments could be made for a plethora of other cities. For example, the Yankees make a solid argument for New York, capturing a total of 27 championships.

Los Angeles has a higher amount of teams representing their city, which gives them more opportunities for one of their franchises in a sport to land them another ring. The city has 11 different franchise across major sports, and have netted 16 championships since 2001.

The Los Angeles Sparks seem to dominate the WNBA annually, and the Lakers have previously had success under the wings of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. Despite failing to win a ring, the Dodgers have remained a relevant threat in the MLB, while the Angels have had sparks of success. The Angels, despite being unable to sustain a consistent amount of success, were able to win a World Series at the turn of the century back in 2001. Los Angeles had the remainder of their rings tally in from other teams across other sports, such as Soccer and Hockey.

Boston is outnumbered in terms of different franchises across major sports with just 5.  Since 2001, the Patriots and Red Sox alone hold a combined 9 championships, while the Bruins and Celtics hold the other 2.

The Celtics saw success and relevancy under the wings of future Hall of Famers such as Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. The team may be on their way to plenty of more rings, as they impressively rebuilt their franchise in the same time period that the Lakers have struggled towards the end of Kobe Bryant’s career.

The future looks tasking for the Lakers, while the Celtics are likely on their way to another NBA Finals trip. The Patriots are going to be a favorite year in and year out, even though the Los Angeles Rams are finally starting to make some noise in the NFL. When considering success, despite only being the foundation to 5 major franchises, Boston seems to be the best sports city of the 21st century.

Featured Image: New York Times


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