Boston Bruins Fire Claude Julien


This season for the Boston Bruins was filled with ups and downs, but lately, it has been all downs, and the play out on the ice has shown that this season. The team made drastic changes on Tuesday, firing head coach Claude Julien, who has been the teams head coach since 2007 making, him the longest tender coach in the NHL.

Bruce Cassidy was named interim head coach after the firing. The teams record this season under Julien is 26-23-6.

In the ten seasons as the Bruins head coach, Julien had a record of 393-223-88. The team made the playoffs seven times during his tender, winning the Stanley Cup in the 2010-11 season, defeating the Vancouver Canucks.

Even though the team had some success with Julien, the past three seasons has been disappointing with the team, missing the playoffs the last two years, despite having winning records.

From the 2007 till 2014 was when the team was at its best under Julien, making the playoffs every season for seven seasons straight. During that time period was when the team was a consistent playoff team every season.

After the 2013-14 season is when things started to turn from good to bad for the Bruins. During the past two seasons, the team has been really inconsistent with their play.

On the Bruins side of things, the team is still in a playoff hunt right now, and Julien was a part of the problem, but he was not the main part of the problem in Boston. Boston had to shake up the team and they did it drastically with this move.

In my opinion, the team should have waited it out until the end of the season to figure out Julien’s future. This move might light a fire under the team, which is a good thing with the way they are playing right now.

On the Julien side of things, it will not be a long time before he is hired again. With the success that he had in Boston, he will be a strong candidate for head coaching jobs around the league once the season ends, but for right now, it is just a waiting game for him.

One thing to point out about Julien firing is that the Bruins management made some awful decisions when it came to the roster, getting rid of players like Tyler Seguin, Dougie Hamilton, and Johnny Boychuk, who have all been making an impact on the team before being dealt. So management is somewhat to blame for this move, along with the fact that they were impatient with Julien.

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