Bobby Wagner Stands his Ground 

After Wilson recently received his contract extension, only one question remained: What about Bobby Wagner?  The linebacker did not show up to training camp as he now seeks his contract extension with the organization. Wagner had only three simple words to say on Twitter that afternoon: “Can’t keep everyone”.

Later on that day, Wagner would shoutout to Russell Wilson, congratulating him, but is he genuinely happy about it? Wagner made it clear during a press conference last Friday that he wanted to be paid, and he didn’t. 

Wagner is set to make $977k this upcoming season, and from my perspective, he is worth a lot more than that. Due to injury, Wagner has missed seven games in the last two seasons. Will this take a toll on his payday? Doubtful. 

A long-term deal can get done from both sides in the future, but Wagner would most likely expect somewhere around $10 million per year. With the “Legion of Boom” being one of the most dominant defenses in the NFL, I’m sure Bobby Wagner is one key piece the Seahawks would not like to lose. 

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