Bo Ryan Announces His Last Season

Bo Ryan, 67, has been coaching the Wisconsin Badgers in the NCAA since 2001, and has brought the Badgers through various milestones and memories in the last 14 seasons. In a combined total, Ryan kept the Badgers at a respectable record of 357-125 over those years.

In these same years, the Badgers made consecutive appearances in the March Madness tournaments. In 2014 and 2015 alone, Ryan brought Wisconsin into two consecutive Final Four appearances. What was originally going to be a retirement for the recently-ended season, Ryan is in it with the Badgers for one more year. His hope is that his assistant, Greg Gard, succeeds him in coaching the Wisconsin team.

Once the following season is over, Ryan will step down from a pedestal that he made NCAA history with. Ryan is the only Wisconsin coach to have more than 300 wins in his career. That total, with any luck, will only go up as Ryan prepares for his final coaching season.

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