Black History Month: Can You Dig That? The Crowning of King Booker.


As I’ve previously stated in my previous articles (Bobo Brazil; Ron Simmons), Professional Wrestling has an excellent history of African American wrestlers. We have the two men that I’ve covered that blazed trails and many more to cover. We even have some royalty in this respect, that royalty being King Booker T.

Booker T was an excellent wrestler known most for his excellent work in WCW and WWE, while enjoying a tenure in TNA. A very decorated wrestler, it’s going to be overwhelming condensing his accomplishments to the sport.

Booker T is perhaps the most decorated wrestler in WCW history. Booker held a total of 21 title reigns in WCW, inncluding a record six WCW World Television title reigns, a title of which he was the first African American to win. 11 WCW World Tag Team Championship reigns (another record), 10 as one half of Harlem Heat. Booker was also the final WCW World Heavyweight Champion and WCW United States Champion under the WCW banner. John Bradshaw Layfield has described Booker as “the best acquisition that WWE got when they bought WCW” and I can’t disagree.

Harlem Heat (WWE.Com)

Booker T has held a total of 6 world titles, 5 WCW World Heavyweight Championships, 4 times under the WCW banner and once under WWF. In addition, Booker won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, becoming the first non-mixed African American to become a world champion under the WWE banner. Booker has won a total of 15 tag team titles, 11 WCW, 3 WWE, and one TNA.

Booker won the King of the Ring tournament in 2006 and took on the title of King Booker, and during that time he truly was a king. He was the 16th triple crown champion in WWE, and the 8th grand slam. He was one of 8 men to be a Triple Crown in both WWE and WCW.

Booker T was one of the most important African American figures in professional wrestling. He accomplished a lot and blazed some trails of his own. He has achieved unforgettable things, and I think we can all dig that.

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