Best Landing Spot For Sam Bradford

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With the first round of the NFL draft tonight, there are a lot of trade talks leading up to tonight’s event. One player to look at is Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Sam Bradford. It has been reported that Bradford has requested a trade from the team ever since the team acquired the second overall pick and looking at drafting a quarterback, possibly Jared Goff or Carson Wentz. Here are some possible landing spots for Bradford if the team does trade him:


Denver Broncos: Thanks to Peyton Manning retiring and Brock Osweiler signing with Houston Texans, the team is now left with offseason acquisition Mark Sanchez at quarterback. Sanchez is a good backup quarterback at best, but the team should take a look at someone like Bradford. He could fill the need the team has at quarterback right now. Bradford fits Head Coach Gary Kubiak’s offensive system. With that defense that the Broncos have, Bradford might be good enough to keep the team a super bowl contender.


New York Jets: Depending on what happens with the contract situation between Ryan Fitzpatrick and the team, the Jets have a hole at quarterback. The only quarterback on the roster that has a legit shot of winning the job during training camp is Geno Smith, and Bryce Petty is not ready yet. Bradford would give the Jets a solid quarterback when healthy, with the defense that the team has, Bradford will not have a lot of pressure, the defense will do most of the work. Bradford would be a legit upgrade from Smith.


Dallas Cowboys: Last season after Tony Romo went down, the cowboys had no answer at backup quarterback. There are rumors that the team might be drafting a young Quarterback to backup Romo. If the team is not sure about any of the quarterbacks in the draft class Bradford would not be a bad option as backup quarterback. Bradford could win games if he is called upon to start in place of Romo when he is hurt or having a bad game. The team would most likely want a young rookie quarterback that Romo can mentor, so this option will most likely not happen.


San Francisco 49ers: If Colin Kaepernick does get traded, San Francisco will be looking for a quarterback. With Wentz and Goff possibly off the board by the time Sam Fran picks, Bradford would be a option that the team should think about. Last season, head coach Chip Kelly was the head coach of the Eagles with Bradford as his quarterback and he had some success with him. Maybe the same success could happen in San Francisco. This option will most likely not happen, since the team will most likely draft a quarterback if they do trade Kaepernick.






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