Best Duo Left in the NBA playoffs


As the NBA playoffs is underway, it becomes important to sit back and speculate who the most dominant duo in basketball are at the moment. Here is who we believe is the dominant duo at the moment:

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan (LA Clippers)

Most people will think labeling this clippers duo as the best is ridiculous, but this article is about who’s having the best postseason. If you look at their stats, competition and impact to the team, Griffin and Jordan deserve the top spot. Blake Griffin is averaging 24.7 PPG, 13 RPG, and 6.9 APG to go along with 49% from the field. Even at Power Forward, Blake is doing his role and more for the team right now. Scoring, rebounding, passing and playing defense. Him putting up these numbers against the defending champion San Antonio Spurs and against the high-flying Houston Rockets just means Griffin is playing his best basketball of his career at the right time.

His partner down low, DeAndre Jordan, is also playing his best basketball. Jordan is averaging 13.3 PPG, 13.6 RPG, and 2.3 BLKPG to go with an insane 73% from the field. DeAndre and Blake are carrying the Los Angeles Clippers right now without point guard Chris Paul due to a hamstring injury. I give the top spot to this duo because of the two tough teams they’ve played and how they’ve picked up the slack without Paul. It’s time to start believing that the Clippers are serious title contenders THIS year.

Yes, you could argue Lebron and Irving scoring ability is better than the Clippers duo. But they also faced a weak Boston Celtics team and are in a dog fight with the Chicago Bulls. Also, some games Kyrie hasn’t shown up as a true playoff point guard . I believe it’s all LeBron so far as you really can’t count the Celtics for much.

Some fans could make a case for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson to be the most dominant duo in basketball right now, as they have the best scoring stats out of any duo. But again, they’ve played a struggling Pelicans team with no real depth within their lineup. Similar to LeBron and Kyrie, their in a close match up with the Memphis Grizzlies who grind every second of every game and are giving Golden State all they can handle.

Based on who the Clippers have played,  along with being without their superstar, two new superstars have emerged in Los Angeles as two of the NBA’s best.

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