Best And Worst Of 2016 Draft


With the 2016 NFL Draft finally past us, there such were plenty of headlines with the eventful weekend.  From the drop of Tunsil to the rise of Jaylon Smith, there is plenty to recap.  Here are a few of the headlines that I loved, as well as hated:

Love: The Jaguars draft.

Just in general, the Jaguars really improved this offseason.  In free agency, they picked up multiple big names on the defensive side of things such as Malik Jackson.  In round one of the draft, they secured Jalen Ramsey, who a lot of people saw being taken by either San Diego or Dallas.  After that? They were able to scoop up Myles Jack, who was a projected top 10 pick.  With the return of Dante Fowler Jr this season, the Jags are poised for success.

Hate: The Bucs making the worst move in NFL Draft history.

Yes, the worst move in NFL Draft history could very well be the 2016 Bucs moving up in the second round for Roberto Aguayo, a kicker.  After this move, the Bucs released Connor Barth, but why even trade up? Why select him in such an early round? He is seen as the best prospect at that position, but really?

Love: The Dolphins taking a chance on Laremy Tunsil.

If you don’t know the story by now, offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil was hacked on the day of the draft and a video surfaced of him with a gas mask, as well as text messages with him receiving money from a member of the Ole Miss coaching staff. Even with the allegations, Miami took a risk on the guy who never failed a drug test during his time at college.  This was a great investment not only for Ryan Tannehill, but for the Dolphins future.

Hate: The Giants selecting Eli Apple so early.

I had Apple going in the late first round, but I guess the Giants saw something different.  I believe the Giants could of traded down to grab this guy and gotten more in return, but they drafted where they needed the most help.  I would look for Apple to struggle early on this season, especially against receivers like Bryant, Jackson, and Matthews in the NFC East.

Love: The Broncos trading up for Paxton Lynch.

After moving up a few slots in the first round, the Broncos were able to secure Paxton Lynch, who could very well be the future of the franchise.  While many believe Mark Sanchez will start this year, I would look to Lynch to develop quickly.  A lot of people are comparing Lynch to Brock Osweiler when it comes to style of play, and I couldn’t agree more with that.

Hate: How great everyone believes Goff and Wentz will be.

Time to wake up guys, Goff and Wentz will not develop into great starting NFL quarterbacks. In a typical NFL draft, these guys would be going in the mid to late first round.  The only reason they were taken number one and two was because both teams traded up to get their quarterbacks out of desperation.  Neither has proven to be elite by any means, and I expect a whole lot of struggling in their opening years if they are not managed properly.

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