Becky Lynch Announces Pregnancy, Asuka Becomes RAW Women’s Champion


Ever since retaining her title against Shayna Bazler at WrestleMania 36, RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch has not competed in the ring. On Monday, Lynch announced that she is pregnant and announced Asuka’s win was not for the Money In The Bank briefcase, but was for the RAW Women’s Championship instead. Lynch is currently engaged to fellow RAW Superstar Seth Rollins.

Before giving the title to Asuka, Lynch was in the middle of a record-breaking championship reign, as she has been holding the RAW Women’s Championship title since April of last year. As a result, she became the longest-reigning champion in the title’s history; beating out Alexa Bliss (396 days over three championship reigns).

Photo Credit: SE Scoops

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